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Flatmatch, the smart way to find a matching free room or flatmate.

The mobile app

Flatmatch is the smart and personal way of connecting you with your desired flatshare (shared flat) or matching flatmates. The Flatmatch algorithm lets you put an end to overfilled inboxes and helps you get in contact with matching people. Stop searching and start finding!

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Stores & countries

In June 2018 we have released the first version of the Flatmatch App in Switzerland and are now building our customer base.

However, we plan to come to Germany and other countries as soon as possible. We will keep you updated about our further progress and store implementation.

The company

We, the Teambo Tech Ltd liab. Co are a Zurich based software company. We have created and continue to enhance the Flatmatch mobile app, which simplifies the process of finding a suitable shared flat or flatmate.

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